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A Talented singer and writer, Adin ross has released a brand new storming song titled “she make it clap”, as a music lover & Fan Adin ross – she make it clap is a storming and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist. Download and enjoy it.

American Singer Adin ross releases his song directly on his youtube. If you’re Adin ross fan as well, you just missed alot (or maybe you didn’t!). He releases a song recently as well as you may know. As a part of his trending musics world wide.

During Adin Ross’s live on Twitch, he invited Tory Lanez to his session, during which Adin played some beats, including the beat for She Make It Clap. Tory Lanez freestyled to the beat, dropping these bars.

A lot of people started posting videos of Tory’s freestyle, to which it received lots of praise, with a lot of fans asking him to collaborate with with Soulja Boy on a remix of the original song.

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Adin ross – she make it clap Lyrics:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh (Fantom)
Smokin’ on packs, preferably Black Leprachaun
All of these hoes, they on my arm
All of these bitches, they know I’m a don
Stuntin’ on the bitches come back to the 6s
I spit 3s like I’m playin’ with the 6s
Bad bitch like she playin’ with the mixes
Bad bitches keep playin’ with my jig, uh
Bad bitch wanna get on my Insta
I told the bitch to keep chillin’ and be quiet
I got bad bitches tryna get by
Don’t chill for a nigga get violent
I got bad bitches and they comin’ wildin’
Ayy, I see a motherfucker smilin’
20,000 bad bitches on an island
20,000 bad bitches goin’ private, emm
She makе it clap, I got the strap
21 gats, feel like I’m Savage
21 bitchеs and none of them average
I’m gon’ fuck me tonight me a bad bitch
I don’t give a fuck about niggas
I don’t give a fuck about hoes
I don’t give a fuck ’bout your bros
I don’t give a fuck ’bout your toes
Your hoes, your manicure, pedicure, toes (Fantom)
I’m comin’ on the block with the rocks
20 inch Glocks in my socks
Niggas keep blowin’ that crazy ass shit
If I go to jail I’ma keep it locked in the sock
I got that from Ken, all of my hoes, they spend
On me all at the mall, I’m bendin’ Benzes
20 inches rims on my Enzos
Bitches is coming to the mall and they goin’ in frenzies
Lookin’ at Tory, look at my story
All of these bitches they look at me growin’ up fast like a nigga was 40
I don’t even know what I’m sayin’ but tonight I’m ’bout to take y’all bitches and have me an orgy

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