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A Talented singer and writer, Ard Adz has released a brand new storming song titled “Dont Forget”, as a music lover & Fan Ard Adz – Dont Forget is a storming and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist. Download and enjoy it.

American Singer Ard Adz releases his song directly on his youtube. If you’re Ard Adz fan as well, you just missed alot (or maybe you didn’t!). He releases a song recently as well as you may know. As a part of his trending musics world wide.

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Ard Adz Lyrics
“Dont Forget”

Loads of debt, come up on loads of stress
Me I’ve got no regret, couple times close to death
Fed chase and I hold my breath
Might forgive, don’t forget
You, you get no respect
I’ve been Hell and back twice and I’ve got the t-shirt
My bro’s a better akh than me and he’s just a revert
You my brudda then you hold a free verse
If I could see this life, put that shit in reverse
I was rinsing out them Zara tops
I used to drip it, used to spill it like a Prada top
Grab a gun and then I ventured like Lara Croft
The feds came and I was kipping out in Sara’s loft
So don’t pretend cuz, a hand you never lent us
Rapping what amend us and trapping what my men does
Words can’t offend us, hands on the tenancy
No tenants in the crib, just tenser

Make the bread, get it and evade the feds
I don’t pay debt but I pay respect, made my bed
Take a breath, hit the booth, pain eject
You can take a shot but it may deflect, shake my head
And I ain’t got no crazy cousin
I got a rusty tree too without a safety button
I saved my money cah I knew that the rain was coming
Did some crazy time, sorry if you got made redundant
Look, why am I frowning and I see red?
Cause I was drowning but I swam up from the seabed
Hit town with the brownin and she beat it
I wasn’t clowning, I’ll out him for like three Z’s
This my life in the deep end
This my life, this my book, I don’t pretend
I just bill it up and reflect
I was the bad boy in school, you was the prefect

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