Icewear Vezzo – Ghetto Ice Ft. Rio Da Yung OG MP3 Download

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Icewear Vezzo who have been trending lately returns with his highly anticipated song titled “Ghetto Ice” which Naijamiz made available for free Mp3 Download.

On this track the artist featured multi talented Singer & Songwriter, Rio Da Yung OG who did justice to the track.

If you are a music lover then this song is an majestic track that will surely worth been place on your playlist.

Can you download the song free here on Naijamiz? Sure the song is free and available for fast download.

Stream & Download Ghetto Ice by Icewear Vezzo ft Rio Da Yung OG Below:

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Icewear Vezzo ft Rio Da Yung OG MP3 Download


Got a ghetto bitch, she got ass and titties
All at Blue Flame and went to Magic City
Head so good, I almost crashed the Bentley
Brought my girlfriend and let her smash her with me [Iced Up Records
Popped an X pill, feel like I’m teethin’ and shit
I don’t got no friends, I be schemin’ and shit
Pull up to my show, a bunch of demons and shit
This bitch act like she ain’t fuckin’, just be teasin’ and shit

I don’t trick, but I’ll buy an ounce of weed for a bitch
Out of town doin’ shows, in Muskegon with sticks
I’m horny, feelin’ like R. Kelly, I might pee on a bitch
Buy a half a brick of soft and put my feet on the shit
IUR, Ghetto Boyz, that’s a million in jewelry
Hands crampin’, tryna count a quarter million in twenties
Nappy-head bitch, what you want, some zillions or somethin’?
I ain’t gon’ stop hustlin’ ’til I make a billion or somethin’

Bitch, I’m with the mob like I’m Sicilian or somethin’
This ho told me to bust in her, she want children or somethin’, yeah
Shooter got no sense, he been done killed you for nothin’
This bitch freaky and a stuffer, put some pills in her onion
Love Balenciagas, I got all the flavors, yeah
Hundred round drum, clip like an alternator, nigga
Fifty in my pocket, blow it all this evening
I do shows and Karo pints, yeah, I want all the paper, bitch

Shit, I’ll do a song with God if he got the paper
If it’s enough pape’ on his head, I’ll drop the mayor
One day I tripped out off them bars and damn near shot a baby
I ain’t lackin’ when I shop, I got the Glock in Macys
I took the badges off the Scat’, bro, this not a basic
Front and back pockets full of pape’, but I’m not Lil Baby
Bitch, come sign your life away, IUR the label
Fetty on the dog’ll knock you out like Gervonta Davis

Yeah, her pussy cheap as fuck, she gave me top for eighty
Out of town to meet my plug, I had to stop in Vegas, yeah
Damn near smacked a tree, I’m drinkin’ Wock’ and Wraithin’
Soon as my baby twenty-one, might pour up pop with Navy, yeah [Iced Up Records
Pop a pussy nigga like I’m poppin’ Percs, yeah
Shady nigga keep a pole, bitch, I got Glock in church [Nigga
40 in my pants look like I’m rockin’ merch
Had to run off on the plug ’cause we ran out of work [Pussy]

This an eight of clean Wock’, bitch, this not Patricia
Bitch talkin’ ’bout drink green Wock’, ho, you not with Tizzle
Ridin’ around with that cold-ass Glock, ain’t drop no bodies with it
Could’ve hit him in his top, you shot his leg, bro, you not a killer
Ghetto Boy for life, bitch, that’s what I claim
Hundred rounds on a new AR, why I gotta aim?
Nowadays, twenty, thirty thousand, that be pocket change
Was finna buy a whole case of Tris, but then the Wocky came
I was finna fuck my bitch, but then her mama came
Now I’m finna bust her mama down, I spit a lot of game
I was finna hit the bitch raw, but then some condoms came
Life was good when I was broke, I made a hundred and then the problems came

I was ’bout to buy some drank from Lou, but then the doctor came
We be sippin’ Act’, you drinkin’ Chlos, that is not the same
Rose gold watch on my arm, it got Obama name [Major
Used to have a blowhouse right on Conner, right off Promenade [Nigga
Heard you told on all the guys when you starred in court
I be sippin’ too much drank, I almost got divorced, ayy
All I want for Christmas is a pot and fork
Brand new 911 Porsche, I call it Martin Lawrence, uh


[Reuel, stop playin’ with these niggas]

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Icewear Vezzo – Ghetto Ice Ft. Rio Da Yung OG Mp3 Audio

Download Mp3 Icewear Vezzo – Ghetto Ice Ft. Rio Da Yung OG

Icewear Vezzo – Ghetto Ice Ft. Rio Da Yung OG Mp3 Download 320kbps

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