KOTA The Friend – Twenty-Nine

KOTA The Friend – Twenty-Nine MP3 & Mp4 Download

A Talented singer and writer, KOTA The Friend has released a brand new storming song titled “Twenty-Nine”, as a music lover & Fan KOTA The Friend – Twenty-Nine is a storming and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist. Download and enjoy it.

American Singer KOTA The Friend releases his song directly on his youtube. If you’re KOTA The Friend fan as well, you just missed alot (or maybe you didn’t!). He releases a song recently as well as you may know. As a part of his trending musics world wide.

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KOTA The Friend – Twenty-Nine lYRICS:

Twenty-one, I’m smoking, drinking, and chopping songs
Twenty-two, I’m grinding, I ain’t got shit to lose
Twenty-three, my Jordan year, and I’m broke as shit
Shooting videos for some local artists and hope it hit
Twenty-four, my shorty pregnant like what the fuck?
I ain’t got no money, apartment, it’s like I’m fucking stuck
Twenty-five, I put this shit into drive
Ignoring my mental health, I’m focused on dollar signs
‘Cause lil’ Kota is growing, I’m focused on bottom line
Diapers are expensive, I’m walking without a dime
Show up at the show mad early because I’m deadass
Four in the morning was the time I went to bed at
Twеnty-six, the people saying I’m making hits
Twеnty-seven, I’m hustling and I’m getting rich
Twenty-eight, I’m mentally breaking down
I’m toxic and I always got toxic women around
But shit, I want better
I’m reading all these books and they inspire me to get up
I’m working on myself, feel like I’m getting it together
I told this woman I do not wanna love with no effort
But she a bitter ho, and I learned that shit was a set-up
Picking up the pieces, I got this place looking better
I don’t need the reasons, I chalk it up to the seasons
As long as I’m not repeating these toxic cycles, I’m finna get everything I been needing
I say it to let it go
Vilifying me in your story, have you forgotten that I got one of my own?
And if your people know it, then they would look at you low
But you ain’t gotta worry ’cause I’ma tell this shit slow
Twenty-nine, intuitive and I’m hella wise
Beach house, town house, lake house, ho
Every crib got the same damn couch, though
I just switch up the color to meet the vibe
And give my energy to my woman ’cause shorty fly
And give my energy to my youngin ’cause time flies
And give myself love ’cause, fuck, it’s about time
Show so much love the haters get outshined
Internet chatter, they talking about lies
Wonder how I’m living, my nigga, I’m outside
Saw you with those lil’ hoes on the clout train
But it didn’t take you nowhere, did it? How you feeling?

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