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A Talented singer and writer, Taeyeon has released a brand new storming song titled “Invu”, as a music lover & Fan Taeyeon – Invu is a storming and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist. Download and enjoy it.

The Promising Artist Taeyeon releases the song directly on Youtube. If you’re Taeyeon fan as well, you just missed a lot (or maybe you didn’t!).

“INVU” is the dance-pop title track introducing the heart-breaking concept of TAEYEON’s February 2022 full-album, INVU.

The song’s synth-pop influenced track fuses with Taeyeon’s comforting vocals as lyrically the song describes a person’s point of view in a broken relationship as they think the relationship wasn’t meant to last forever in the start.

The term ‘INVU’ is meant to be really saying: “I ENVY YOU”. In a quick summary, “I Envy You” means you’re wanting to have something that somebody has, in this song, Taeyeon envys her lover because she want’s the quality of her lover.

Additionally, the music video showcases Taeyeon in angelic settings, as she tries to fight off with her bow and arrow, but doesn’t beat her lover in a game of war no matter what.

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Taeyeon – Invu Lyrics:

[태연 “INVU” 가사]

[Verse 1]
Falling in love
너에겐 난 option
시작부터 다른 너와 나
깨지는 heart
빗나간 네 mention
익숙하거든, yeah

I think I lost my mind
But, It’s my kind of love
아끼지 않고 다
쏟아내고는 주저앉아
문득 어느 순간
지친 내가 보여
애쓰고 있지만

So I can’t love you
Even though I do
밀어내 봐도
난 너를 못 이겨
날 버리고
날 잃을수록
넌 반짝이는 irony

So I-N-V-U (Ooh)
I-N-V-U (Ooh)

[Verse 2]
기대지 마
기대하지도 마
몇 번을 되뇌고 되놰도
그 손길 한 번에
무너지는 날 볼 때
네 기분은 어때, no-no, no

I guess, I lost my mind
Yeah, It’s my kind of love (Love)
늘 처음인 것처럼
서툴러서 또 상처가 나 (서툴러서 또 상처가 나)
무뎌지기 전에 (Ooh)
아물기도 전에
잔뜩 헤집어놔

So I can’t love you
Even though I do
밀어내 봐도
난 너를 못 이겨
날 버리고
날 잃을수록
넌 반짝이는 irony

So I-N-V-U, yeah
Yes, I-N-V-U, yeah, yeah, ooh, hey

식은 온기
부서진 맘이
자꾸 날 할퀴어
아파도 못 멈춰
So when you leave, please make it easy
‘Cause I-N-V-U, ooh, ah, ooh, yeah

I-N-V-U, ooh, ah, yeah
I-N-V-U, ooh

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